Welcome to Society of Sisters of St. John

Our Father Founder John Mary Haw

Fr. John Mary Haw, a Priest of the Diocese of Trier, was a chosen friend of God. He was clear-sighted, strong willed and enterprising man whose life was full of love of God and neighbor. He was a man of great principals and lived an interior life of simplicity. He was deeply distressed at the social conditions of his time and the wide spread deterioration of faith.


In the later part of the 19th century, Europe experienced a fast development of industries and improvement in the economic states of the nations. The extreme ambitions, mutual distrust and enmity among European nations lead to worldwide conflagration. The aggressive European powers resulted in the outbreak of war. Lakhs of people were killed and injured. Economic loss was enormous in these nations. Fr. John Mary Haw came forward to spend his life for the suffering humanity. He went after the lost sheep: the drunkards, the homeless.


He prepared himself with prayer and penance. He invited active volunteers who were ready to risk their comforts for the service of humanity. In 1919 St. John league was formed and in 20th century St. John’ s league has expanded to different countries, in 1971 a team of seventeen sisters started to give service in Maharashtra specially in Chanda mission.


They remain as instruments and a committed life with openness for the work of the spirit, availability at every stage of life. Later they formed communities and a society. The courage, dedication and the sacrificing spirit of these missionaries are really marvelous. Today our works are appreciated by many in the working fields.


Establishment of the Society

The society is registered in the year 1973. 



  • To promote education, to advance it, and to help educational activities in academic, cultural and technical knowledge.
  • To give medical and economic relief to the people.
  • To look after the welfare of the people and their social and cultural uplifts. 


One spirit, many ways



Academic programs

Reach out program in the rural areas, Leprocy Centers, prison and inter schools



Grihini School

Boarding homes

Home for the aged 

Center for the physically disabled 

Village developmental programmes


Working in hospitals,  

Awareness programmes, 

Health and hygiene, 

Need of nutritional food for the villages and school children

Medical camp