Ministry of Education

“Real Education fetches you more than a job. It teaches you to live. It cannot be measured in any tangible way”.


A holistic formation of the youth is the great opportunity to lay the foundation for deepening their faith and for giving orientation to their social attitude.


Education must aim at the formation of whole person. It must be directed towards the attainment of its eternal destiny and at the same time promote the common good of society. Therefore, we shall strive to give to the children and the youth a formation that will develop their physical, moral and intellectual talents in a harmonious manner, so that they may attain a greater sense of responsibility and a right use of freedom that will enable them to take an active part in the society.


The objective of our educational institutions is to give the greatest gift of education to all who are not able to afford for best education. We also aim at molding integrated personalities in our schools. We have adopted various ways and means which helps in the intellectual, physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual growth of children. Through education we can remove the personal problems, evils of the society, diseases, hygiene, and to update the knowledge, technique and lifestyle etc.


It is an enduring tradition to take time to time to pause, turn around to look at the fruitful years gone by, achieving  both the expected and unexpected, while setting various milestones and then synergizing ourselves to move ahead to face the challenges in the coming years, with a positive attitude.


The system of education in SJB, as we know, is a blend of theory and practice in the right proportion to arrive at a comprehensive curriculum. Our institutions have strong team of staff in all capacities, which are dedicated and inspired by the philosophy “Do well in all that you do to succeed.” Unity and dedication of the staff are the two pillars or quintessential elements of a successful school.


Main areas of our work in education

  •  Kindergarten
  •  Primary Schools (State Board) - English Medium
  •  Primary Schools (State Board) - Hindi Medium
  •  High Schools (State Board) - English Medium
  •  CBSE Schools