Social Ministry

Social Apostolate

Living faith is expressed in love. We shall be full of concern for the people who are suffering spiritually or physically. Our mission is essentially to bring those people back to themselves and to integrate them into society.


We, sisters of St.John the Baptist contribute our mite to solve the growing problems of India by undertaking various social developmental activities. There are members who are trained and well educated for the social works. Keeping this in view, and as the necessity demands, the society has launched various works.

  •  Care of the young outside school (Hostel) 
  •  Youth Apostolate
  •  Adult Education
  •  Personal counseling and guidance.
  •  Tailoring for rural girls.
  •  Empowerment of women.
  •  Residential school.
  •  Herbal medicines. 
  •  Village development
  •  Village work for the disabled.
  •  Awareness programmes for the villages on health and hygiene and rural development activities.